Element 75 is one of 4 unique elements regarding its nuclear and atomic physics. Element 89 follows the common structure which does not work, as such, with the unique elements due to the comparative ratios of atomic mass to the atomic number. These four unique elements hold their nuclear momentums in structures which relate to the placement of their foundational wavelength, in the realm that gives them their potential. They also hold an interesting position in their placement of atomic number to atomic number. One that defines a circle with its true balance and true value of pi. 185 is 83.3333333% of 222. Anyone know what this regards? Remember your elements wavelengths' gap 360 billions of a meter. A small fraction of an area of the electromagnetic spectrum though unique in its refractions. If you notice the last contact points, 185 and 222, count any number of spaces to the left and right equally and they will add up to 185 or 222. The first two numbers on each side of 185 and 222 will be how much is subtracted or added from contact point to contact point, around each of these circles. This is the true nature of a proton and neutron, atomic mass, atomic number and potential for far more then is yet taught. The symbols that carried the origins balances, span many religions, all a piece of some thing beyond gods.

A typical element would follow the pattern of atomic number equals the spaces traveled and also the total revolutions to touch each line once. This element is one of four unique elements and not much is known about it other then it is super heavy. Seeing its physics I can see why. 229 spaces and 229 revolutions instead of 105 and 105, compared to a mass of 260. Element 75, Rhenium, is just as heavy as gold (actually a bit heavier). Rhenium was one of the unique elements as well, like dubnium. Rhenium went 89 spaces and revolutions instead of typical standard which would have dictated it was 75 and 75.